Program Kepolisan Komuniti Malaysia


Community Policing

We strongly embrace the philosophy of Community policing in our effort to create a safer living condition. Community policing is based upon a partnership between the police and the community whereby the police and the community share responsibility for identifying, reducing, eliminating and preventing problems that impact community safety and order.

Our vision
To foster bilateral
beliefs, trust, respect, understanding, responsibilities
and embracing smart strategies and solutions between the public and police in crime prevention
Our Mission
  • To create crime awareness/ shared responsibilities among community and reducing/denying crime.
  • To address and moderate police grouses and complaints made against the police.
  • To provide free legal advice and necessary services to the public and police to ensure the justice and fairness of law.
  • To encourage communities in embracing the “ Broken Window ” Theory.
  • To promote a trustful and truthful working relationship between the public and the police.
  • To establish and enhance participation of local authorities effort and cooperation in crime prevention.
  • To advocate and educate public in creating safer concept through proactive community based programs.
Message from Former Inspector General of Police

Tan Sri Khalid bin Abu Bakar:
"Program COMMUNITY POLICING ini telah dilaksanakan oleh PDRM dan ditambah nilai sejak bulan Mac 2008 yang bertujuan menjalin kerjasama antara PDRM dan masyarakat bagi..."
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