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Tan Sri Khalid bin Abu Bakar:

"Program COMMUNITY POLICING ini telah dilaksanakan oleh PDRM dan ditambah nilai sejak bulan Mac 2008 yang bertujuan menjalin kerjasama antara PDRM dan masyarakat bagi..."


June 2010
Incident 12

Taman Wawasan/ Bandar Puteri, Puchong. ( ACTIVELY BROKE INTO MANY HOUSES ) 

Suspect 3 Chinese male/ two Malay male and one female companion. Vehicles: Nissan X-trail ( champagne colour) heavily tinted windows/ Honda accord white colour.

Modus Operandi: Ring door bells, throw stones at windows/ pretend to look for someone and will move away if occupant is in the house/ Once suspect determine no one is in the house, they will break into house.


August 2009
Incident 11

KUALA LUMPUR: Police are on the lookout for a Pakistani who had jumped bail after being charged with raping and sodomising his 15-year-old stepdaughter.

Hazrat Umar, 29, who was charged with 12 counts of rape and two counts of carnal intercourse, had posted a RM20,000 bail with one surety but did not turn up in court on July 2, prompting a warrant of arrest to be issued against him.

He was arrested after his wife lodged a report against him in September 2006, alleging that he had raped and sodomised her daughter. Hazrat had married the woman, a local, in December 2005 after her first husband died.

Less than a year after the marriage, the mother noticed something amiss and her daughter claimed that her stepfather had raped and sodomised her several times.

Haizat’s last known address is 58-2A Jalan Thamby Abdullah, Brick-fields, and his passport number is AE 2227871.

Anyone with information can contact C/Insp. Rogayah Rosli at 017-643 4995 or Insp. Ellyia Ullfah Mazlan at 013-713 9682.

Incident 10 3 Report received Fri, 31 July 2009

Report 1 

There was a report by Bandar Kinrara, Puchong residents informing us that there was a car ( Toyota Camry Silver colour ) driven by four Chinese men committing house break-ins during morning and afternoon. Please contact the nearest police hotline or us at 012 2732148 if you come across any suspicious Camry Siver colour in your residence area. Please help us to keep a look out and be inquisitive enough to look around your neighbours' houses when they are out. 

Report 2

A lorry was stolen near Puchong Permai and there were many cases of lorries gone missing. Many suspect arrested under this theft were mostly Indians and they used the stolen lorries to steal in other places. So when you parked your lorries, please be careful and most of this lorries were one tonne and three tonnes ones. Please park your lorries at a safe depot. Creating a depot will be the most advisable thing to do. 

Report 3

A newspaper vendor was attacked and robbed at the Pasar Pagi Puchong Indah at around 5.45 am when the place was still dark. Suspects believed to be 4 Malays boys armed with a parang and they were on two motorcycles and one is believed to Yamaha 125. Market vendors should open their business in group and may ask for Rela help to help them.

June 2009
Incident 9 Report received Fri, 26 June 2009 19:50pm

I were driving to work today and as I reached the Kuen Cheng school next to Federal Highway I received a call form a private phone number and there was a voice crying for help on the other end of the line. It sounded like my son and he was wailing and crying away and I immediately asked him why he is crying. He continued crying and making a lot of noise and there were background noises of someone hitting and shouting. 

I immediately remembered of phone scam and I shut down the call. I called my son school and were informed that he is not there and I called home and was relieved to find my son home and safe. About five minutes later my phone rang again and I scolded the guy at the other end of the line. He scolded me back and slam the phone. 

I will like  to alert the public that do not panic and follow the normal procedures, talk to them a little longer and establish whether the sounds came from your own child and most probably you will find that it is a hoax call. I hope that the public will be on alert of such calls. 

The modus operandi of the syndicate is to let you hear a wailing or crying sounds  and claimed that your child owe them monies or had done something wrong. and will probably asked you to bank in monies to save your child. SO BEWARE BEWARE.

Incident 8 Report received Tue, 16 Jun 2009 15:28pm

Dear Friends, 

I would like to share a life saving incident that all our loved ones needs to be aware. 

Last Saturday, 11th April 2009, my girlfriend and I were in Mid Valley "The Gardens" for a movie. We finished around 8.40pm. I had parked my car just right above the 'GSC Signature Cinema' on the 5th floor. As we were getting into our car, we realized that the parking fee had not been paid. We decided to stop by the Auto pay station on the lower parking level to do the payment. 
We drove 2 floors down and couldn't locate the Auto Pay Station. We decided to park our car at 2nd floor wondering if there should be a pay station in the mall at the lobby area. My girlfriend decided to wait in the car as she was on the phone. I was walking into the mall looking for an Auto Pay Station, failing to find one, I decided to walk 1 floor down. About minutes time, my girlfriend called me on my mobile phone and she sounded terrified. She was shouting for help. She told me that there is a guy who is trying to get into the car. The guy was trying to get into the car very calmly, pretending getting into his own car. He failed to open and refuses to continue trying as he noticed that she was on the phone calling for help. Luckily, she had locked the door
just right after I got out earlier. I run up as quickly as possible to reach her.

The moment I reached to the parking area, I saw the guy walking away slowly from the car. He was walking towards the rampheading to the upper level. As I ran up the ramp, though I could still see him realized that I was running away from my car again. It could be teamwork just to divert my presence from my car. I got back to my girlfriend quickly to calm her down.

We made an official report to the Mid Valley security management to investigate on the CCTV. It was a lesson learned for us to be more careful in the parking zones. I'm happy that my girlfriend is still here with me today. Please be watchful in parking zones.

Tips that we should be aware: Never leave valuable items or your family members alone in the car at parking location.

Thank you.

Kind regards, 

Remmy Anderson 

SRE FM Service Manager

April 2009
Incident 7 Report received Thurs, 2 April 2009 5:58pm

Dear All,

Please take note!
Don't think it will NOT happen to you!!! Do Caution your loved ones. Especially for those living in these areas, please be extra alert. There have been a lot of robbery/kidnap cases in the Bandar Utama/ Subang/ USJ/ Sunway areas. Suspected gang operating: Camry Gang - up to 8 members in different cars at different times.

Modus Operandi - at anytime but mostly during the day. They would stalk you and as you drive to your gate, 'kidnap' you, take you to the ATM - sometimes several and withdraw money. So, if you do have several ATMs, just keep 1 on you and not all.

These cars have been used:

Silver Toyota Camry - WMW 6638

Golden Toyota Camry - WNU 9232

Beige Merz - PFY1221

Silver Perdana - WJP 3738

Orange Gen 2 - XXX 6610

Proton Wira - reported without details
Description: 2 Malay guys ( 20-30 yrs old) One thin and the other stout. Could be up to 4 guys at times.


        Mohd Yusley                      Mohd Yusman
March 2009
Incident 6 Report received Thurs, 5 March 2009 1:10pm

Reported by Pn Nur

My office situated in USJ 9 was visited by an Indian man who prentended to be a staff from the landlord office.

The Indian man approached my staff to check the laminated floor warranty and condition of the office. The main door was left open without my staff realised it. As my staff accompany the man to check around, the partner came in and took away 2 notebooks and a hand phone.

The incident happened very fast. This can be prevented if the staff use his common sense, be more alert and careful. 

Another addition to the police statistic! 

Incident 5 Report received Tue, 3 March 2009 1:15pm

With courtesy from Subang Jaya RA

2 Indian men on a motorcycle followed a lady (Suria) to a shop along PJS11/8 Bandar Sunway, Suria got down from her car to go into one of the shops. One of the men sat on the motorbike "waiting", whilst the other pretended to be looking for directions and was standing very close to her parked car. Within minutes the standing man threw a car "SPARK PLUG" against the passenger side of the car window, smashing it, he then calmly took the Handbag that was left on the passenger seat, got on the waiting motorbike and fled.

Everyone around was shocked and when they realised what had actually happened they all started to scream, but sadly no one was around to help. Not much information was made available as the victims and by standers were all in shock.

The man who threw the "SPARK PLUG" was medium built and was wearing a red and blue jacket he did not have a crash helmet (even when he got on the motorbike). The waiting rider had on a full face crash helmet. 

A 999 call was made by Suria immediately after the incident, the Balai Polis Bandar Sunway was informed by phone and an SMS was sent to C/I Tuan Krishnan (who was in a meeting) in the end a Police Patrol car arrived within 10 minutes of the incident, they were sent by Tuan Krishnan. 

A police report has been made at the Balai Bandar Sunway. In all RM150 was taken and the usual identification and other cards, house and office keys. Not much material lose but never the less a traumatic experience for Suria and Josephine.

Please be aware of this new tactic to snatch your handbags. Be alert and should you notice such a incident about to happen just turn your car alarm on immediately, remembering always to keep out of harms way.

Feb 2009
Incident 4 Report received Sat, 28 Feb 2009 9:27am

Subject: SJ Alert EMS Subang Jaya Community Policing Advisory - Joe Singh

Yesterday at around 2pm in SS14/2A, the following incident took place :

a) 4 Indians on 2 bikes : 3 slim and one was bald cut and had a swollen face look. Age early 20's

b) Both Bikes Honda EX5 : One RED in Colour and the other DARK BLUE

c) 2 were wearing black Helmets , 1 was White and the other Red in colour.

Details :

The guy with the bald swollen look was seen trying to cut the grille lock with a heavy duty lock cutter. They had earlier liftted the latch of the gate and pushed the gate open.

Advise : Use a solid metal chain to wrap around and lock your gates. A little inconvenience goes a long way to safe guard  your property from these crooks. Do remember that climbing gates make people more suspicious, make it all more difficult for these crooks.

Our Crime Watch member went over to see why there were a few people in front of the house as the resident had gone to Ipoh for over a week. Upon seeing him , they Cooley walked out of the house with the heavy duty cutter in hand and drove away. I arrived 5 mins after and quickly called Chief Suleiman and gave him the details.

Advise : If you see anything suspicious, do not let the crooks know that they are being watched, just call the nearest cop shop and let them investigate and apprehend.

In this case, 4 crooks got away just because of curiosity.


Your Friend in Community Service
Joe Singh
SS14RA & Crime Watch Committee
Community Policing with SS17 Balai Polis

Incident 3 Report received Tue, 24 Feb 2009 2:46pm
WSB3943, BLACK TOYOTA WISH, 1 GIRL and 2 MAN believed to be affricans poison a dog and try to break in a house in Bandar Kinrara 4. Please help to lookout and call the police. Please don't act alone.
Jan 2009
Incident 2
A chinese lady with charming personalities had been going around looking for job in offices. She will provide a fake photocopy IC with a fake photo attached. Or she will provide a fake IC number and give excuses that she will photocopy her IC later. After working for one day she will come to work again on the next day and she will start to steal other workers stuff such as hand phone, lap tops and left on the pretext of going for lunch and disappear. More often than not her particulars in the IC had been wrongly provided by her, and investigation reveal nothing thus hampers police investigation. More than often, the employer is too embarrassed to lodge a report. So the next time you want to employ someone, make sure that you have to record all the correct particulars and do some cross checking. Do not admit a thief into your company.
Dec 2008
Incident 1
There has been reports a white Camry car (not the latest model) with two to three suspects believe to be Malay boys armed with parang robbing victims. Latest robbery happened in Sea Park. When you see a white Camry with two well dressed Malay male approaching you on the pretext of asking direction, do not stop nor entertain them. Suspect known to strike at their whim and fancy as they were suspected robbing a lady which had just returned from her office and not carrying much cash. They chose easy target and known to attack those withdrawing money from bank.
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